Targeting breast cancer by 

combining diagnosis with therapy

AIP’s theranostic approach to oncology allows for precise and personalized tumor detection and and targeted radiotherapy.
By integrating imaging and targeted radiotherapy, we are pioneering a personalized approach to the management of each patient's condition using a novel method called theranostics. AIP is on the frontier of molecular drug development.
This form of therapy is called Peptide Receptor Radionuclide Therapy.


Peptide Receptor
Radionuclide Therapy  (PRRT)

By enabling targeted therapy, which destroys cancer cells while limiting radiation exposure to healthy tissue, PRRT is at the forefront of targeted therapy for cancer treatment and raises the bar on precision medicine.

How PRRT is performed

PRRT is accomplished by injecting a cell-targeting molecule combined with a small amount of radioactive material into a patient’s bloodstream.

The molecule then travels to and binds to tumor cells, delivering a targeted dose of radiation to the cancer.

Precision medicine is enabled by labeling disease-specific targeting agents with diagnostic radionuclides or therapeutic radionuclides.


To diagnose, stage and evaluate HER2+ breast cancer, we radiolabel our proprietary molecule with a radionuclide specific for PET imaging. This is followed by radiolabeling the same proprietary molecule with a tumor-damaging radionuclide to perform personalized, targeted therapy.


AIP-301: HER2+ Breast Cancer Companion Diagnostic

AIP-301 is used as a companion diagnostic for detecting metastases, staging, and to determine efficacy of treatment. In first-in-human studies, AIP’s proprietary molecule, radiolabeled with the PET imaging agent, Gallium-68, detected twice as many metastases than the current standard in PET imaging for HER2+ breast cancer.
AIP-301 PET: Lesions are identified
[18F] FDG PET: Lesions are negative

AIP-303: HER2+ Breast Cancer 

Targeting Radiotherapeutic

AIP-303 is a PRRT product used for precision therapy of HER2+ breast cancer, and is designed to target the primary, regional, and distant tumors. AIP’s proprietary molecule is labeled with the tumor-damaging radionuclide, Lutetium 177 and enables precision therapy which destroys cancer cells while limiting radiation exposure to healthy tissue.
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