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AIP: What We Do and Who We Are

Updated: May 4, 2020

Continuing with our commitment to transparency, we wanted to release a video that detailed some of our work at AIP. See below.

Transcript of audio from video:

At AIP we approach health transformation by working with partners with the same vision of innovation. We nurture and develop relationships to ensure that our partnerships are long-term and mutual beneficial.

We're a company on the vanguard of tackling the toughest challenges in predictive and personalized healthcare. We're answering the health needs of many people by combining therapeutic and diagnostic practice, elevating early detection, and clinical management of many diseases.

Our team includes first in class experts in oncology, neurology, clinical development, regulatory affairs, and medical countermeasures from around the world. We are working to advance new approaches to treat illnesses in different areas of diseases.

We address illnesses for underserved patients. Several of our development initiatives focus on rare pediatric diseases, cancers, Parkinson's disease, and medical countermeasures. Serving these patients requires support from around the world: universities, researches and clinical specialists.

Our team and collaborators are diverse people working together to foster a culture of inclusion. This is because the best ideas and decisions are made when they are reflected by our divergent personal and professional experiences.

The results are personal because we are improving the lives of many underserved patients from around the world.

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