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AIP: Our Story

Updated: Apr 19, 2020

At AIP, we feel one of the biggest issues facing biotech and pharmacology is a lack of transparency. With that in mind, we wanted our first blog post to be a glimpse into our story: our history, our work, and our vision for the future.

AIP was founded in 2017 by father and daughter team, Roseanne and Stanley Satz. Our desire, from day one, has always been reflected in our name (AIP or Advanced Innovative Partners): to bring rapid transformation by combining therapeutic and diagnostic practice, elevating early detection, and clinical management of diseases. Our goal was to build a contemporary culture powered by first-in-class experts in nuclear physics and medicine, medical imaging, and regulatory affairs from around the world.

Today we're entering into several clinical trials for rare pediatric disease imaging diagnostics. Along with this, we are developing products to assist in the active clinical management of oncological and neurological diseases.

Our plan for the future includes raising the quality of life for families searching for answers regarding diagnosis, as they seek clinical evaluation of their child's therapy. Additionally, we plan to provide predictive and personalized technology that will enhance these patients' care.

Stanley Satz, our CSO and Chairman, had this to say about AIP:

AIP is a young company with contemporary values. These values serve as markers along the pathway of drug discovery, helping us empathize with patients' viewpoints first, to designing strategy, and even in clinical protocol development to serve these patients and their clinicians well. These markers keep us on target every day as we're making leaps and bounds in our drug development efforts.

For more information on AIP visit our about AIP page or contact us directly.

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