Partnering for innovation

is who we are

We approach health transformation by working with partners with the same vision of innovation. We nurture and develop relationships to ensure that our partnerships are long-term and mutually beneficial.


international locations where
our clinical, research, production,
and investment partners are located

Grow with us.

Scientific, Clinical, Supply, Manufacturing, Investment, and Biotechnology partnerships are essential to successful transformation of health. We are always looking for ways to collaborate with individuals and organizations that align with our focus. Our team is waiting to discuss your business opportunity.

Scientific & Clinical Partnerships

Our core expertise is in radiopharmaceuticals and we extend that by committing to research in oncology and neuroscience. We discover and develop radiotherapies and imaging agents for movement disorders, rare pediatric diseases, and cancer. We work diligently to have a significant impact on the clinical management of diseases that affect men, women, children, and the aging population.

Business & Investment Partners

Foundations, investors, and business partners are each important stakeholders in our efforts of
Making a Difference in People's Lives.
We welcome collaborations that further the vision of delivering promising, transformative science to underserved patients.

 AIP Technology   Ventures

Partnering with technology

firms on the forefront of

artificial intelligence

AIP Technology Ventures has invested its capital and expertise in Metrix Labs, a startup focused on artificial intelligence in nuclear medicine. Comprised of experts in deep learning and medical image analysis, Metrix Labs is on a mission to revolutionize disease diagnosis.