Science that improves

quality of life

Scientific innovation and development are the pillars of our company. We're creating technology that transforms each patient's life; technology which will deliver answers today; technology that enhances the clinical management of their condition.


Number of women with HER2+ Breast Cancer 
in the United States and European Union[4]

A combined therapeutic and diagnostic approach 

for breast cancer

By integrating imaging and targeted radiotherapy, we are pioneering a personalized approach to the management of each patient's condition using a novel method called theranostics.
AIP is on the frontier of molecular drug development.


of rare diseases have not one single
FDA approved drug treatment[3]

First-in-kind diagnostics

exclusively for children struggling with a rare pediatric disease 

We're focused on children and their families first. We understand that each family enduring a rare pediatric disease faces difficulties from diagnosis to treatment. Using novel modalities to diagnose rare
diseases, we're working to ensure that children suffer less.

1.1 million

Oncology, Neurology, and Rare Pediatric Patients whose quality of life will benefit from solutions 
delivered by our pipeline

Developing tomorrow's breakthroughs

Our experts are accelerating the development pipeline of radiotherapies and PET imaging agents in oncology, neurology, and rare pediatric diseases.  


People live with Parkinson's Disease
in the United States and European Union[5]

A PET imaging agent

for the differential diagnosis

of Parkinson's Disease

Because symptoms are similar to other movement disorders, clinicians consider responsiveness to medications as the best evidence that Parkinson's disease is the correct diagnosis. But this can lead to high misdiagnosis rates and expose patients to unnecessary adverse drug reactions. AIP's PET imaging is a first-in-kind product for the differential diagnosis of Parkinson's disease.